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Chicago Foliage Supplies and Distributes the Finest Interior Foliage Available to the Chicagoland Area.

We are centrally located for you to drop in with ease and grab the plants and products that you are in need of. Our warehouse is well lit. We have our own personal dock that is protected from the elements insuring that your plants have a perfect temperature controlled transition into and out of our facility.

Having celebrated our 22nd year we are proud to say that we have continually worked diligently to bring you the best products available from Florida, California, Hawaii and Canada at very competitive prices. Over the years we have become very familiar with your specific needs and preferences while keeping an eye on the pulse of the industry. As we continue to go forward we continue to visit Florida frequently making sure crops are up to your quality standards while staying within industry specifications. In our industry it is easy to cut corners and cut pricing by using less than reputable growers that do not use the chemicals and soil media required to grow a healthy, durable interior plant that will last on the interior. We wish to reaffirm with you that your business means more to us than saving a nickel or two and we would never cut corners at your expense.

We take great pride in every plant we grow and sell as our name, Chicago Foliage, is on every single one.

First and Largest Distributor in Florida of Big Island Plant Material

Chicago Foliage is a leader in the industry, supplying plant material grown on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is known for beauty and durability, due to superior root systems and healthy foliage.

Here is a partial list our Big Island grown foliage plants

  • Hawaiian Dracaena Lisa™
  • Hawaiian Dracaena Michiko™
  • Hawaiian Kentia
  • Hawaiian Rhapis

Weekly truck out of Florida gives you timely delivery on your Special Orders

We have our own inter-state trucks doing weekly pickups and deliveries out of Florida. We can do last minute pickups for you from our own nursery as well as from the nearly 400 other nurseries located near our Florida growing range.

Local Deliveries to your Jobsite

We can deliver everything you need to both setup and complete your installation.
We also supply Florist Grade Flowering product throughout the year, including seasonal flowering items. Call us for all your interior needs, large to small, including one of a kind Specimen pieces, pictures on request.. Our plants and flowers are sourced from a Variety of Growers from Florida to California and Canada. Our trucking schedule from these locations is weekly, insuring you and your customer the freshest products available at any given time. We have stock in Addison that will fill most of your immediate needs and special orders are available with in 4-6 business days. We offer a superior product at a fair market price, freeing you up to spend more time with your clients. No minimum order or full case packs required. Please call us for a current Price List.

ASI Distributor

Chicago Foliage is a distributor of the full ASI product line.

Seasonal Foliage and Color

Look for seasonal pricing on items such as Poinsettia!

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